AppBounty to Restock Gift Cards Soon

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After weeks of waiting, the time seems near for AppBounty to finally restock their Amazon gift cards ($1, $2, $5, and $10 denominations). Below is what was posted on their Facebook page in response to a comment about restocking Amazon gift cards.

“We are currently out of some gift cards. AppBounty is growing VERY fast and so is the demand for our gift cards. All of the new gift cards have been ordered and will be input into our system within the week. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but you will have the opportunity to redeem your credits soon. Hold on, the gift cards are coming!”

Although they are planning to soon restock their gift cards, this period of having gift cards out of stock puts to question whether AppBounty will really be worth pursuing. After all, who wants to wait weeks to get their reward? If AppBounty wants to top or come closer to their counterparts, they cannot continue this habit or people will soon jump ship. Previously in our review of the app, we said we would use it as a supplementary app to JunoWallet and AppCasher but if this continues, we do not recommend you use the app. So for the sake of us and AppBounty, let’s just hope that after they restock their gift cards this week, that they order more gift cards to prepare for the high demand and growth of their app.


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