AppCasher Review

AppCasher Review


AppCasher (referral ID for 500 points: 1329) claims to be the #1 way to discover new fun apps while getting paid. Although apps like JunoWallet may claim they are better, it is without a doubt that AppCasher is on par or even better than JunoWallet.

Unfortunately, AppCasher is only available for iOS devices at the moment (IPhone, IPad, IPod) and it does not seem like there is any immediate plan to expand to other devices like the Android.

About AppCasher

How it Works

First you should visit AppCasher on your iOS device using Safari and click Rewards, Share and then Enter Referral Code. This will prompt your device to be registered in AppCasher’s system. After it is registered, you should add the app to your homescreen to make it easier to access. Please note that you will have to register your device to use the app and see Amazon gift cards as a prize. If you do not register your device, you will see a $2 major retailer prize instead of Amazon rewards.

Once you do the preliminary steps you are set to earn credits! In fact, you can gain your first 500 points by entering a referral code, either mine (1329) or someone else’s!  Afterwards, you can earn more points by downloading apps in the offers tab. Make sure to leave the app open for at least 30 seconds to earn points, after which you should reopen AppCasher from your HomeScreen to make sure you earned the points before continuing downloading new apps. Occasionally, new apps are added but do not show up in the app. To get them to show you may have to repeatedly press the refresh button on the bottom of the page.

Another way to earn points on AppCasher is to invite users to the app. Both the referral and referrer get 500 credits after the referral enters the referral ID. The referrer however, has to wait until their friend earns 500 credits, before they get 500 credits, which may take up to 24 hours to show. You can enter and get a referral ID by clicking the share tab in the app. You may want to take advantage of posting your referral code on forums while this app is still new, as it can get tough later on if the app becomes popular.

After you gain enough points, you can redeem your credits for an Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card. Every 250 credits is $0.25 and you can redeem Amazon gift cards at $2, $5, $10, $25 and $50 and iTunes at $15, $25 and $50 intervals.

Pros and Cons

One of the pros to the app is how well paid you are to download each app. Every app is set to earn you $0.25 to download which is pretty much on par with JunoWallet, which pays from $.05-$.60 with apps generally paying $0.16. Although many may debate on whether AppCasher is the #1 app to discover new apps while getting paid, there is no doubt that AppCasher is the same if not better than JunoWallet.

In terms of adding new apps to download, AppCasher seems to add new apps every couple of days (although I have no specific time table) with about 24 apps (equivalent to $3) in AppCasher when you start out. Not only does this allow you to earn more credits, but it also allows you to discover new apps. And regarding rewards, AppCasher has Amazon (which many would rejoice about) and iTunes gift cards to redeem.

However what is a pro may also be a con. Even though AppCasher has Amazon, its rewards are very limited to Amazon and iTunes. And for people who hate or not used to buying things online, it may be disappointing to have a lack of options to choose from. On top of this, cash outs are not instant and users may have to wait up to 48 hours to receive their prize. This con is not that big of a problem though as I received my prize within 3 hours after redeeming.

Although these cons may not be a big problem, what is is there marketing strategies. Repeatedly over the last two weeks, we have seen increased spam comments by people working for AppCasher. In fact, many of these “sockpuppets” go around posting on many sites making fake claims that they redeemed fora $50 gift card. They repeatedly post the same site and the same referral id under different names. Despite this, the app is still worth using as they do pay and the payout per app downloaded is pretty high.

Additionally not all apps credit like JunoWallet which may lower your earning potential and waste some of your time.

They also do not have any about page or FAQ, which makes it difficult for users to understand about the history of the app, when it was founded and by whom. Although this may seem unproblematic, it poses a problem to us, after all how would we fill out our about section! A FAQ on the other hand is important because it allows users to find out answers without having to wait days for an answer from customer support, even if its a small page, it goes a far way. Anyways, a page that lacks an about page, illustrates that it is new on the block and it prevents users from further connecting with the app.

On top of this, AppCasher has limited its range of users to only iOS users. Although this is bad for individuals who use other devices, it is a pro for iOS users because as you see from apps like Viggle, they get worse and worse as the app gains more users.

Payment Proof

Took about 1-3 hours to receive
Took less than 1 hour to receive after redemption


All in all, AppCasher and JunoWallet are great in their own ways. While AppCasher has a decent payout for each app downloaded, JunoWallet has instant cash out and a almost even payout with payouts ranging from $0.05-$.60. And even though AppCasher has Amazon, JunoWallet has a more variety of options and a choice of Amazon coming soon. Ultimately, the best option is to choose neither. In fact, you should use both apps and maximize your earning potential and find new games.

Feel free to leave your referral id’s in the comments below.


After further redemptions, I have been getting my rewards within 5 minutes after requesting.


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