Checkpoints Returns to the AppStore

Checkpoints Returns to the AppStore


After being out of the Appstore for a couple of weeks, Checkpoints has returned today with some minor changes that makes the app fit in with Apple’s TOS. One minor and insignificant change appears to be an addition of a new loading screen that looks pretty nice. Unfortunately, the rest of the CheckPoints app interface did not receive a complete overhaul, which I personally hate by the way.

After doing some research, it appears that the thing that violated Apple’s TOS was a hidden feature to earn points in the app called BonusCoins. As you may know from installing apps like JunoWallet, FreeMyApps and various other pay per download apps, they are installed differently in that they install a profile in your iOS device instead of being installed through the AppStore. The reason behind this is that Apple does not like reward apps that pay users to download apps from the AppStore.

CheckPoints circumvented this by hiding this feature in their app under the “Anywhere” tab. With CheckPoints mainly being a reward app for scanning barcodes, it was probably hard for Apple to find out that CheckPoints violated their TOS. Obviously the downtime of CheckPoints meant that Apple caught on to CheckPoints tricks. With the new update/return of CheckPoints that was released today, BonusCoins was notably missing from the new update, which you can see from the screenshot below:

Before update (left) vs After update (right)

If you really liked BonusCoins, it can still be accessed by going to on your mobile device. Although, it is not recommended that you use this feature if you still use CheckPoints (I don’t know why you still would) since other apps that are similar like FreeMyApps pay way better. One lesson that app developers can take from this little fiasco in the end is that you cannot hid from Apple, they will find you in the end if you try and circumvent their terms of service.

Also if you still use CheckPoints, would you like the page to be updated (post your responses in the comments below)? We seemed to get no responses from the last post so we thought we would ask again. Otherwise it will probably be kept open in case any of the barcodes returned but it won’t be updated.

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