Endorse Review- Great Way to Save Money

Endorse Review- Great Way to Save Money


Do you shop often? Drink coffee every day? Wouldn’t it be nice to save a little each time? Maybe 10%, 20$, or even close to 100% off? Fortunately, Endorse allows you earn up to 100% cash back on your everyday purchases. All you have to do is browse the offers on the app, purchase a item that deals with one of the offers and upload a photo of your receipt after you make your purchase. On top of that, once you earn 50 points (separate from the money you earn from purchases), you can use those points to donate to charity! No coupons to print, no barcodes to scan, and no strings attached. It’s an app with benefits!

About Endorse

Founder and CEO: Steven Carpenter
Co-Founder: Erik Klein
Founded: 2010
Compatible Apps:

  • iOS devices (iOS 5 or higher): iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPad (3rd generation+), iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th generation+).
  • For Android: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Triumph, Motorola Droid, Motorola Asix, HTC. Many other Android devices are compatible, as long as they are an Android version 2.2 or higher, and contain rear-facing camera.

Facebook: Endorse
Twitter: @endorse

How it Works

Basically all you have to do is go to a local store, any store, open the app and browse through the offers. If you see something you like, purchase the item and upload your receipt showing your purchase. When uploading your receipt, make sure to capture the whole receipt in the picture or as much of it as possible.

If there is an option to upgrade the offer, it will boost the percent money you get back to a larger amount. All you have to do to upgrade the offer is post something onto your Facebook wall, which is well worth it if the difference is $1+  since you can always go back and delete the post. In addition to maximize your earning potential you can purchase multiples of an item, although there is a max quantity limit as well as a earning limit. Just make sure all the items are on the same receipt. For example if you Ritz for $2 and get 10% cash back, you can buy multiple Ritz (limit 4 and $1.50 cash back) and get like $.80 total for purchasing 4 Ritz.

Some general things to keep in mind is that you have up to six days after the purchase or until the offer expires to upload your receipt to Endorse before it is no longer valid. In addition, make sure the receipt is clear and readable, otherwise Endorse would not be able to process it and reward you. Endorse also give you the percent cash back based on the final total of the item, after discounts and coupons, not before.

Afterwards, you generally have to wait a couple of hours (max is usually a day) before you get money credited on your account. Cashout is either through PayPal (any amount) or Check (minimum of $25) and if it is done through PayPal it generally occurs within an hour.

Once you are done, you can wait until Thursday morning, which is when you will get a new set of offers. According to Endorse the more receipts you upload, the more personalized your offers become and the more money you can earn, so you may see repetition in the offers you get. For example, I upload a lot of receipts for Starbucks coffee, so every two weeks I get 100% cashback for coffee purchases after I upgrade the offer. In addition, since others may get different offers than you, you have the option to share these offers with your friends via Facebook. And when you see an Endorse offer that one of your friends posted on Facebook, you can tap on it to claim the offer.


  1. Make sure to upload a clear receipt, with all corners in the picture or they may not be able to process the offer.
  2. Upgrade your offer to earn more!
  3. Don’t buy things just to make some money, shop normally and use Endorse to get savings on things you already buy.
  4. Use it with your friends so you can get access to even more offers!
  5. Remember, you can buy multiples of an item and maximize your cash reward, but there is also a limit.
  6. Don’t forget to upload your receipt, you have a max of six days since the purchase or until the offer expires.

Pros and Cons

Endorse has personally become one of my go to apps after I buy coffee (once every two weeks of course!). Of course I use it for other offers too, since one of the pros of Endorse is that there offers are so broad compared to other apps like ibotta. In contrast to ibotta which has a list of retailers which it accepts receipts from, Endorse accepts basically any receipt including receipts from online purchases. Additionally, Endorse is very open ended in it’s offers with a combination of specific items as well as broad offers like Any Brand: ____________.

While Endorse at times may seem to take time to process your offer, you can always count on the app to have the money show up on your account the next day. In addition, cashouts generally occur pretty quickly if done by PayPal. Generally from previous experience it has taken less than an hour to receive money on my PayPal account after redemption.

However, with any app there is always some cons. Fortunately, these minor flaws are nothing major if you are a consistent shopper who generally buys the same things. After using this app for over a month, I see generally the same offers every two weeks, which can be a positive but also a negative. Although, Endorse does claim that the receipts you upload may influence the offers you receive in the app. In addition, sometimes it can be a positive, especially if you buy certain things all the time!


As stated before, cashout is through PayPal or check and it has been confirmed that Endorse does pay it’s users as I have received $13 from using this app so far.


Endorse basically is an app that is highly recommended for those of you who shop alot. Although, you can earn a decent amount from Endorse with little work, don’t count on becoming rich or making much of a profit since Endorse is designed to save money, not make money. So the next time you go out and shop, keep in mind that you have something in your mobile phone that can help you save money without spending your time clipping coupons.

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