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Below is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to using CeploiTips for ShopKick, CheckPoints or Jingit.

Help! It won't let me scan at home. It keeps saying I must be in the store.
  • Make sure to have your location faked (spoofed). For more info, see our spoofing guide. Or you could use these barcodes as intended and print it out to help make shopkicking easier. 
The barcode does not work!
  • Make sure your location is spoofed/faked. For some reason, people keep on forgetting this KEY point even though its in big letters. Also make sure to get the whole barcode in the picture without the letters if possible. To do this just click the image to have a white background with only the barcode.
What can I do to lower my chances of getting banned?
  1. If you are scanning or using walkins at home, make sure you SPOOF to the store location. Try to get as close as possible (100-700 feet) and even at the entrance if your location spoofer shows satellite. Use the store locator links to find the stores as Shopkick could be inaccurate at times. Another possibility is printing all the barcodes and driving to the store and scanning the barcodes in your car outside the store or using the barcodes to find the item at the store.
  2. SCAN/USE WALKINS DURING STORE HOURS (Dont scan or use a walk-in when stores are closed, like at midnight. Take the time to look up store hours!!!)
  3. When you scan try to keep the words out of the picture. You do not want the store name or item product showing up. You can prevent this by clicking the image to have the background show in white or blocking out the words with your hands.
  4. Scan at reasonable intervals (1minute+ between scans). Dont scan something from Deli Section and scan something from the toys section 5 seconds later. I know, it is hard to do since the barcodes are right in front of you. But, for your account safety, do not scan too fast. Maybe do it when you are watching tv and scan a couple of items during each commercial break. Make it look as REALISTIC as possible.
  5. Dont spoof to new locations in 10 seconds either. Best way is to find a mall with all the stores next to each other like 200 meters or so apart so that you dont have to spoof around too far. Use your brain and think if you actually went to the store, how long would it take you. ShopKick MAY expect you to actually be walking in the store, so take that into consideration. Better yet, scan all the items in your store, close the app and come back an hour later and do a different store. 
  6. Don’t scan every item everyday. Realistically, unless you work at the store, do you shop every day? And if you were actually looking for the items, would you find every single item?
  7. Preferably don’t spoof to new states to use walk-ins or whatever. If you choose to spoof to New York don’t spoof to a new state, just keep it spoofed in NY. But you can spoof to a new state once in awhile.
  8. Not really something to be safe about but DO NOT leave a large kick balance in your app. It’s possible that Shopkick targets those users who have a large amount unredeemed in the app but no one knows for sure. Just redeem your points occasionally so that if you do get banned, it is not a total lost.

This guide will not guarantee that you will not be banned but it will make your chances slim to none. Before I had my iphone stolen, I did everything on this list and i kept my shopkicks account since February (16 months+) which is a very long time. All barcodes on here are verified to work before I post it on here so you should be fine. Just dont scan every single thing everyday!

I don't see a barcode here. Where is it???
  • First try control f/command f to find the item before requesting. If you still dont find it, you can put in a request in the comment section. However, please dont request a item that has already been requested by another user. Having the comment section bombarded with the same requests gets annoying for everyone! Please consider contributing to the site by providing barcodes to assist other users, instead of constantly requesting barcodes. The success of this site lays in part with the community. Sometimes since some items are regional, it is best to take a screenshot of the item in Shopkicks and upload it to the comment so that its easier for us to provide you the barcode. Just be patient, and follow us on Twitter and we will Tweet when we update the list. To get mobile notifications, you can set it up via Twitter to notify you whenever we tweet an update!
How do I create a barcode? What is the upc number?
  • Plug in the upc number in our barcode generator in the right sidebar. To generate a QR code copy the link we provide and put it in the QR code generator.
I don't see a walk-in here. Where is it???
  • If a walk-in is not here, it means someone has decided not to share it or they are unable to. Please do not demand walk-ins as it is provided by various people and it is there choice if they want to upload/share it or not. Before you demand walk-ins, think about how much you have personally contributed to the community. If you yourself, choose not to share/record a walk-in why should you expect others to do any different?
How do I use the walk-ins?

How do I use the walk-ins?

  1. Make sure to download a location spoofer and fake your location to the specified store. To find out where to spoof click on the map/address link that is under each store. Verify the location in ShopKick. You should be spoofed within 0-600 feet. We also added a walkin map to each state so you can plan out which cities you would do in each state.
  2. Find the State of the walkins you want and click the button under the state that says “Click to show/hide ______ walkins.” From here you get the option to download or play the audio file. IF you choose to play it, it allows you to play the file on a mediafire audio player which has been tested to work. This is the most convenient method to using it as it is guaranteed to work with headphones plugged in. Alternatively you can download them audacity edited (edited to improve chances audio file works) or original file.
  3. Plug in headphones or speakers in your computer and raise the volume up. The level of the volume varies with each walkin, some may need to go up to the max.
  4. Click play and put your headphone bud next to your device’s input microphone (where it detects sound NOT THE SPEAKERS). Usually on IPads/IPods there is this small hole that is where it detects sound.
How do I record a walk-in? (Thanks to Mindee for Guide)

  1. Walk into the store and have your iphone on, once you get your kicks look around for a white box that looks like the picture on the right.
  2. Once you get your kicks and find the box than open up one of the apps that you should have already installed. For Android use “rehearsal assistant” which is free. For this app make sure “record uncompressed audio” is checked. For IPhone use “IProRecorder” or “ITalk” which can be found on installous or purchased. For “ITalk” make sure “Best” recording quality is clicked.
  3. Point your phone towards the beacon or white box and record about 30 seconds worth of audio. For the best results, it would be best to point the area where your input speakers are towards the box. So the spot where you talk into your phone is the spot where the phone would be recording the audio also. I would record multiple recordings in case one of your recordings all bad. “If someone in the store says anything to you about standing there for a bit, you can just pretend that shopkick is running slow. *wink wink*”
  4. Once your back home transfer the audio file to your computer. Inside all the apps there should be a feature to email it to yourself. Make sure if it asks to send the file UNCOMPRESSED. Then just download it onto your computer and wait until the next day to test it. When testing the file make sure you use high quality speakers/headphones that can play these files.
  5. Finally, hopefully you will use this guide to record walkins and share with the community. If you are hesitant to share and use the same audio file, maybe you could record multiple record-ins so you can share one to the community (email to [email protected]) and use the other recording for yourself.
  • The majority of walk-ins have been tested to work and if they don’t it is usually how you use the walk-ins that is the problem. So you generally should not have a problem. However, if you do, raise the issue in the comment section. DO NOT talk in CAPS as it can get annoying.
Are Walk-Ins Specific to a store?
  • Yes, that’s why we label each walk-in. Believe me, people have asked this question in the past.
What if I got banned?
What if I got banned?
Can I print barcodes?
  • You sure can! Just use our print friendly button to print so it save you ink! This button allows you to delete certain aspects of the page to make the printed page shorter! In fact we recommend this method since the barcodes on this page are meant to be used within the terms of other companies TOS. So we recommend using these barcodes to help you find the item in the store, not to break a TOS.
Can we get notifications of when this list is updated?
  • Follow us on Twitter. We will post updates of when we update the list there. You can also subscribe to email updates which will update you on when we post new articles on our site and it will also update you on when we update our ShopKick Barcodes List. Some other social media places you can find updates are Facebook and Google+.
How can I contribute to the site?
Can I use multiple Best Buy Gift Certificates in a purchase

According to ShopKick you can stack gift certificates


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