Field Agent App Review

Field Agent App Review


Chances are that you have most likely invested a large amount of cash on iPhone applications, for that reason wouldn’t it be nice if you could make just a few of that money back?

Luckily for you, Field Agent app has come to the rescue by helping you do just that with a simple method: A “Client” creates a task, the “Agent” (you) accomplish the job and in the end the client and you are happy with the client getting what he came for and the agent getting paid. In my evaluation with it, most of these were audits usually paying around $2.50-$4.00 necessitating one to go to a store like CVS, Sams Club or Wal-Mart store to answer questions about the item, presence of price tags and item on the shelf. Store can also range from Target to Best Buy and even the Apple Store at times and at times they can pay you as high as $10-13 or as low a $1. The greater the difficulty of the task, the greater you are going to get paid. Ocassionaly but not often there are also rare jobs that are simply surveys that can be done from anywhere.

Easy as 1-2-3 and everyone is happy!

Field agent is a enjoyable secret shopping application that can be a fast, simple, and profitable method to make money. Although, anyone can be a field agent, the app is only available for iphone users age 18 and up.

When the action has been completed, agents receive the money in a PayPal account within 48 hours. The client may then give feedback for the agent’s overall performance. As long as they achieved the job, they get a point; and in case they failed to they lose a point. When a agent goes up the rankings they have the ability to claim a job before one with a lower ranking does. Beginning with 85 points, agents can obtain points up to a max of 100 for effective, precise jobs with better rankings leading to more jobs available to the agent.

Although it sounds quite like James Bond meets Foursquare, the iphone app as well as its tasks are genuine as far as we can tell and do pay out. Although no precise info is given as to the goal or beneficiaries of such “assignments”, it’s a safe gamble that many of them are market research for the Fortune 500 clients who back the app.

Ins and Outs

After you have downloaded the app and answered a few profile questions required when making your account, you will usually see numerous tasks accessible in your neighborhood dependant upon just how much of a distance away you set your filter. You can sort them by near me or zip code which doesn’t really make any sense as it would be best to have just a near me tab and a sort by highest payout tab. They used to have sorting by payout but they removed it probably because clients preferred it that way. Tasks can be reserved by others and are on a first come first serve basis so you should check out the app frequently. Whenever you agree to take on a task you are given only 2 hours to accomplish it, the majority of tasks usually take a couple of minutes after you arrive at the store. If you are not able to finish a task in the time frame or you provide incorrect info it impacts your agent score and you do not get compensated for your time. As a result of this, you should keep in mind the store hours so you do not waste time going to a closed store or accept a task you cannot finish.

Generally whenever tasks are not finished or are not approved they are put back in line for another Field Agent. Once you complete a job for Field Agent it is usually put in for review. It typically  takes a couple of minutes to a couple of hours for your work  to be reviewed and approve. As soon as the Task has been reviewed and approved you can ask for Paypal payment at anytime you choose.

You will need location enabled on your IPhone to use this app and you can turn it on by going to settings and general and make sure its enabled.

Also since you are auditing a store and being kind of a “mystery shopper” you must be discreet when accomplishing your task. There are instances where a store employee may stop you or report you to security, after which you most likely will be asked to leave the store. Act like you are texting a friend and do not make it obvious that you are taking a picture. And if a store employee approaches you, make sure to have an excuse like you are sending the photo to your mom because you do not know which product to buy.  Clients want you to be discreet because it leads to unbiased results and even though a job may be approved by corporate, many stores will not know that an audit is being taken place.

Achieving the Best Results

To achieve the best results it would be best to be as detailed as possible. Sometimes instructions can be vague or confusing. Just try to provide all relevant info and if you are not sure if you should include something, include it anyways. More info will not hurt you. Also make sure to take a clear picture of the whole item and if an item is not there, take a picture of the shelf where it is supposed to be located at.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros to this app. If you are driving home from work and find a job nearby, why not stop at that store and spend 5-10 minutes making $2-8 depending on the task? You can even combine this with ShopKick and CheckPoints to maximize your earning potential. And if you already have to go to the store, you might as well take the time to complete a Field Agent job and get paid!

Some cons are that sometimes the instructions from the client can be vague and result in you failing to get paid due to the client seeing that you did not complete the task. The best way to avoid this is to just add as much detail as you deem necessary. Do not try to be vague yourself but also do not over do it. Another downside is the app is only available for the IPhone with no Android app or even IPad/IPod. However, they did say they will take advantage of the features of the IPad/IPod as they evolve in their FAQ. But with the majority of people using IPhone and Android, losing the Android audience can be significant. However, it can be good for IPhone users. After all, less competition for jobs and Field Agent may see that it will not be able to service millions more users due to users easily being able to out number clients.

Payment Proof

Payment via paypal within 48 hours of cashout


All in all, Field Agent is a fun app that lets you play a little James Bond. After all, who didn’t want to become a secret agent, even in their childhood? It doesn’t take much time to make a couple of bucks and in this economy, every penny counts! And if you are already in the grocery store or driving home from work, you might as well take a little pit stop.


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