FreeMyApps Review- A True Revelation

FreeMyApps Review- A True Revelation


With other apps out their like JunoWallet, AppCasher and AppBounty, many may choose to stick to
their comfort zone instead of trying out new apps that were designed for the same purpose. However, FreeMyApps is personally becoming one of my favorite apps to use, not only because of the rewards that are available but because it has become a true revolution.

About FreeMyApps

How it works

For iOS devices, all you have to do is visit from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and enroll by installing a profile. Afterwards you can add it to your homescreen so that all you have to do is click on the icon in your homescreen instead of typing out the web address each time. Android users can simply install the FreeMyApps app through Google Play and connect to the app through Facebook.
Once you complete this process, download any sponsor app to earn credits and open the app for a couple of minutes. Once you have enough credits you can redeem it for a wide range of rewards like iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Fandango, xBox, Groupon, and Shutterfly gift cards. All you need for a $1 gift card is 300 credits, which generally requires you to download 2-3 apps.
Another way you can earn points is through referrals which gives you +200 credits for every referral that clicks on your link and downloads a sponsor app. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can invite people through Twitter, Facebook, Email, and SMS.

Tips to Maximize your Earning Potential

As we have stated in previous reviews of other apps, the best way to maximize your earning potential on mobile devices is to use multiple pay per download apps like JunoWallet, AppCasher and now FreeMyApps and look which pays the best for each app download and then download it from that app. However, after testing out FreeMyApps we noticed that they generally pay the most for app downloads. So if you choose to use multiple apps, always check FreeMyApps because they generally have the best payout for downloading specific apps.
In addition since you only need 300 credits for $1, you should do your best to get referrals by posting in forums and websites that aren’t aware of FreeMyApps. This way, you can maximize the potential of your time converting into actual referrals and to make things better each referral gives you about $0.66 and all your referral needs to do is download one app!
In terms of getting app download to credit, make sure you open the app and interact with it for a couple of minutes and then reopen the app. It may not be wise to do other things in between like open other pay per download apps like JunoWallet or you may not get credit for your download.

Pros and Cons

Awesome Feature in FreeMyApps

So why is FreeMyApps a true revelation? To answer your question, the way their app and even website is designed puts them ahead of others like JunoWallet and AppCasher. For example, many times you download a app and you are not sure it credits and you have no way to see a history of apps you redeemed. FreeMyApps, on the other hand, has an option in their app to see redeemed apps (just click sponsors tab and scroll down). Sure, this may not seem like a big deal, but with this you can be sure that your app downloads credit (sometimes this may take a couple of hours if it does not credit immediately). In addition, you can see a history of previously redeemed gifts. While this is not a new and revolutionary feature since it is available in other apps, it is a plus for FreeMyApps that you have the option to go back and see the code for your gift card. Even their website is a revolution (although they do need a favicon for their site)! With their slick design, you can easily find out the rewards they have as well as tutorials to using the app.

Additionally, like I stated earlier, FreeMyApps is one of the best apps when it comes to offering the best payout for downloading specific apps. They also, do not have the problem of apps seeming to be good to download, only to find out that they cost money (JunoWallet has had this issue recently) or to find out that it is not compatible with your device (iPad only downloads). FreeMyApps also does a good job of crediting apps that you download. Although, at times it may require a couple of hours for your credits to update.
Another pro to FreeMyApps is that you receive your gift card instantly after redeeming it. Note I have only tried this with Amazon gift cards, which I have received instantly, so I am not 100% positive that this correlates to the rest of their gift cards, but it should. This is in contrast to JunoWallet/AppCasher, which makes you wait up to 24 hours and AppBounty who has a problem of having their gift cards out of stock for multiple weeks. With over $6 million in a variety of gift card rewards (according to their website), you can be sure that this is a problem that FreeMyApps will not have.
Despite all this, every app has some type of issue no matter how old or great they may be. For FreeMyApps, this issue centers around them not having the multitude of offers and variety that JunoWallet has from rewards per download/video/survey/call/fan. However, their offer wall typically ranges from around 8 apps of decent payouts, which is better than a whole bunch of offers that pay measly amounts.


As stated before, you can redeem your credits for rewards like iTunes ($10, $15, $25, $50), Amazon ($1, $2, $5, $10, $25), 1 Month Hulu Subscription, $10 Fandango Bucks Gift Card, $15 Groupon Gift Card and $25 Shutterfly Gift card. Typically, you receive these rewards immediately after you redeem for your reward.

Cashout Proof


All in all, FreeMyApps is a true revelation. Not only do they typically offer the highest payouts, but they are also truly illustrating that they are leaders, not followers. With features unknown to other apps like a history of apps downloaded to instant cashouts and a great referral system payout, FreeMyApps has personally become one of my favorite apps to use. In fact, I would go so far as rank it just below ShopKick but above all the other pay per download apps out there, that we are aware of, af the moment. With the way things are going for FreeMyApps and the the habit of being trendsetters, the sky is truly the limit and their potential is limitless as they strive to become the best in the industry.
So what are you waiting for. Get on your mobile device and get FreeMyApps using our referral link!
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