GymPact Launches Home Workouts

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After announcing that 1 million workouts have been completed on their mobile app, Gympact launched Gympact Anywhere to celebrate. This new features uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to count your exercise which can be done at home, outside or at the office. All you have to do is keep your phone in your pocket or an armband and hit 30 active minutes (you have 1.5 hours to complete these 30 minutes) for the workout to count towards your Pact. For the moment, this new features is only available for the iPhone and will soon be launched on Android devices.

For this new feature to work, it is recommended that you attach it to the part of your body that will move the most since your pact will only count after 30 ACTIVE minute (so positions that are held for awhile won’t count towards your minutes). Exercises can range from runs, to pushups or even to pilates. Fortunately for many users, GymPact becomes instantly better after this update. Now you can earn money while working out without having to pay for gym membership or leaving your house!


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