Jingit Offering $5 Bonus

Jingit Offering $5 Bonus


Jingit is attempting to further promote their new cashback feature that they are offering $5 for completing your first cashback offer. This offer is only valid at certain locations listed below:

Albertsons (Montana, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, and North Dakota)
Cub Foods (Minnesota)
Jewel Osco (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa)
Farm Fresh (Virginia and North Carolina)
Acme (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland)

Although you may be at one of these locations, you may not even find the offer present as I attempted it on a Android device and found no offers. It is evident that through this promotion, Jingit is trying to overcome iBotta and Endorse. However, until they launch nationwide, they will not go very far. Some expected products you can get cashback for are mainly soda drinks such as:

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