Jingit Barcodes/Links

Jingit Barcodes/Links

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Scan Ads at regular intervals to make it seem like you are doing it realistically. Also scan during store hours. See spoofing guide to find out how to fake your location. Ads may very from location to location.

Updated 6/10: EAS and ZonePerfect
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Jingit Links to Earn (Login for Video Ad to Show):
As of 5/10:
$0.10 Famous Daves (Jingit Portal)

To make it easier for me to update Jingit barcodes, when making a request, post a screenshot of the item as well as possibly the store and state your in. The reason for this is some barcodes are only regional or for a certain demographic so I may not be able to see the same thing you see in the app.
Food 4 Less
Airborne EverydayAirborne-Everyday
BFAST Breakfast Shakes
Alternative: 016000455016BFAST
EAS and ZonePerfectEAS-Advantage
Elmer’s X-TremeElmers-Xtreme
Famous Daves
Worth $1Famous-Daves
Krazy Glue 20g Maximum BondKrazy-Glue-Maximum-Bond-20gProgresso Recipe StartersProgresso-Recipe-Starters


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