PrizePerDay Review- Not Recommended

PrizePerDay Review- Not Recommended


With plenty of pay per download apps already out there, there is not much need for people to try out others. Despite this, it never hurts to try out new apps to see if they have the potential to be better than their competition. PrizePerDay is a app for iOS and Android devices that pays you to install apps. Created by Prize Labs, Inc., PrizePerDay is not recommended for others to try due to various reasons.

  • They do not pay out.
    • After earning enough points to cashout, I redeemed for an Amazon gift card. It was approved after a week but suspiciously when I clicked on the prize to get the code, the app stayed highlighted on the gift card, without ever showing the Amazon code. So either their app has a lot of problems or PrizePerDay is out their to scam people.
Stays highlighted on this after clicking, never showing the amazon gift card code.

Apple Store: Failure to payout users
Google Play Store: Failure to payout users
  • Inactive Customer Support/Social Media


    • Their Twitter account hasn’t posted anything since August and reviews illustrate their customer service sucks, leading to more proof that they may be only out their to scam people.
  • Uses the same offer wall as JunoWallet


    • They use alot of the same offer walls with about the same payouts as JunoWallet, so it would be better to go with the safer and more proven app in JunoWallet.
So while PrizePerDay seems to get raving reviews from users in the AppStore and Google Play Store, one should be aware that these may be fake reviews. The cashout problems that PrizePerDay has and the few negative reviews they do have, should be enough to keep you away. With apps like JunoWallet and AppCasher thriving, one would be wise to stick to those two for now.
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