Qriket Releases 3.5.2 Update to App Store

Qriket Releases 3.5.2 Update to App Store

Qriket owners laughing while we are left to dry with terrible updates (joking)

Another update, another new design feature but with a catch. Unfortunately with the new update, Qriket has lowered the amount of daily wands from 10 to 4 and has unintentionally increased the amount of bugs throughout the app. One notably being the wand section of the app to get more wands seems to be stuck loading for awhile. In addition, Qriket seems to be experiencing bugs with their cashout system.

Yesterday, users were able to get 6 wands added to their account while today appeared to be only 4. As a result we are not totally positive that it will stay at 4 as it can be random or it may have actually lowered down all the way to 4.

Here is a list of what was supposed to be fixed or added in the update

  • Speed improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed image caching
  • New Sidebar
  • Improved offline detection
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