Qriket Review

Qriket Review


Imagine the idea of being able to earn money by sitting at home scanning QR codes or when your walking through the store. Nothing other than maybe around 5-10 minutes of your time each day would be spent to make around 0.05-$2.00 (maybe more) depending on how lucky you get or how much risk you want to take. Fortunately for all of us, Qriket allows us to do just that. Whether its a QR code that you find in a paper, at a store or on the computer, you can just pull out the app and scan it for a possibility to earn instant cash prizes (although they are highly unlikely though Qriket claims you can win $1 – $1000, as I never won one yet) or spin to win $0.05-0.60 (maybe more, depending on your luck or if you decide to do the double or nothing game, but usually 0.05 to start with).

About Qriket

Launched in November 2011 and HQ is located in Toronto, Canada.
Twitter: @Qriket
Facebook: Qriket
Co-Founders: Jonny Comparelli (CEO), Ilya Spekhov (Product MAnager), Mark Muralla (Lead Designer)
Fun Facts: Paid out $800,000+ to players around the world.
Available for: Only iOS devices, Android version being worked on.

How it Works

Basically you start out with 10 magic wands a day and whenever you scan a QR code that you have not previously scanned before you have the option to use one of your wands if you didn’t win a instant cash prize from your original scan (you will rarely win). These instant cash prizes comes from companies who are happy to pay out as little as $1 and as much as $50 to make sure that people are engaging with their brands and the QR codes that they have incorporated into their marketing strategies. Fortunately for Canadian users and unfortunately for other countries, Qriket’s partners are mainly Canadian companies so many of their opportunities to win an instant cash prize and other opportunities are only available to Canadian residents. You can also rescan your friend’s QR codes instead of scanning one you find yourself.
If you choose to use one of your wands you can spin a wheel to earn anywhere from $0.05-$0.60 (maybe more but I only encountered a $0.60 one once). If you land on the color you chose (blue or yellow), you will have an option to play double or nothing. This game used to be played using a wheel (numbers 1-14 and you pick higher or lower) but it has been replaced by crack the rock, which unfortunately for us only gives you a 33% chance of doubling your money.
Earn wands for purchases
To earn more wands (max of 22) you can click Featured Content ads (gives you 2 wands), which are generally available every 4 hours or you can get 1 wand by scanning a QR code on their facebook page each day. In addition, for Canadian users, they can earn wands for purchases at retailers like PumperNickel’s, Nino D’aversa to name a few.
Only available for Canadian users.
Once you feel like cashing out, you can click on your profile then the coin button on the top right of the screen. Afterwards, you can enter your PayPal account and cashout, which requires 3-5 days of processing and a fee charged by PayPal.

Qriket Tips

Make Friends!
  1. Make friends! Making friends allows you to rescan their QR codes so that you don’t always have to generate your own. Although, you should hold up your end also and scan some you generate yourself or they might unfriend you for leeching off their scans.
  2. Stick to a color. Randomly picking blue or yellow each time can decrease your chances. If you stick with a color you may win more times. Like when you guess on a True or False quiz, its better to pick one or the other instead of alternating. Although if you see a constant pattern, you may want to follow that since generally you can see 5 blues or 5 yellows in a row.
  3. Don’t play Double or Nothing alot of times. Before they changed it to Crack a Rock (33% chance) I would have recommended you play it since it was 50-50 chance to win. But now, you really shouldn’t. For example if you got $0.50 from a Spin to Win Color Wheel and you play Crack the Rock and lose, it would take you 10 Spin to Win Color Wheel wins of $0.05 each to make it up or a couple of double or nothing wins. But if you do play, sometimes its a good idea to pick the number that you won with a couple of seconds ago. Like if you pick 2 and you win, sometimes if you are quick enough you can pick 2 again and win.
  4. Get as much wands as you can. This is most likely the only way you will make money. If you scan with 0 wands left, you can only win through instant cash prizes, not Spin the Wheel. Usually every 4 hours, you can get 2 wands through a Featured Content Ad and everyday you can check out Qriket’s Facebook page for a QR code that gives you 1 wand.
  5. If you keep losing or get multiple $0.05, you should take a break and scan later.
  6. When generating QR codes, you can use our QR code generator in the right sidebar and just go to a website like amazon and copy links to all their products since you can only scan a qr code once. For example http://www.amazon.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?ie=UTF8&nodeId=508510 are two different qr codes that you would be able to scan through Qriket. So just visit a site and copy links to all their pages and scan those.
Earn 1 wand a day for scanning qr codes like this on their FB page

Pros and Cons

Personally Qriket is becoming one of my favorite apps. If you love to use ShopKick and CheckPoints already, you may love Qriket too. Not only can you scan QR codes anywhere, but you can even generate your own Qr Codes using our QR code generator to the right. Just enter a url that you have not used before and click generate. Whether its our site, google, or amazon, you can just copy the url into our QR code generator, click generate and scan! Although its unlikely you will win a instant cash prize since Qriket’s partners are generally Canadian companies, leading to Canadian residents having better chances, you can still earn through Qriket’s Scan Spin to Win wheel. In addition, you can scan things when you don’t have internet and return to the scan when you do to get an opportunity to Spin the Wheel.
Offers like War Child’s Canada which gives you 5 wands for scanning are generally only available for Canadian users
As you can see, high earnings mostly are from Candian users since many of Qriket’s partner companies are Canadian companies. As a result, they are fortunate enough to come across QR codes that pay them a high $ amount.

Like we mentioned earlier, some cons to the app are that Qriket’s instant cash prizes are mainly only available to Canadian residents, limited number of challenges although they claim to have daily challenges (I never saw one so maybe that is limited to Canadian users too), and they changed the Double or Nothing Wheel (50% chance) to Crack the Rock (33% chance). Another con is that since they payout through Paypal eCheck, you usually have to wait 3-5 business days for the payment to clear.

The $10.00 instant cash prize came from the scan (funded by Qriket partners), the lower amounts most likely came from Spin The Wheel


Through PayPal eCheck and you have to wait 3-5 business days for it to clear and appear in your PayPal account. You also get deducted a percentage of your earnings because of a PayPal fee.


Qriket in overall is a rising app that is great for anyone to use. Although it is a fun way to earn money, don’t count on making alot. It’s generally is an app to help pass the time and make some chump change ( I made about $8 in 2 weeks doing it almost everyday). With that said, Qriket is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps to make money. It’s still not above ShopKick in my book but I think it’s better than apps like CheckPoints, JunoWallet and AppCasher.
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