ShopKick 3.0 Update Pros and Cons

ShopKick 3.0 Update Pros and Cons


On Wednesday, October 17, Shopkick unveiled a new version of its app designed to encourage users
to browse through “Lookbooks” in the app and look at offers more frequently. From the “Lookbooks,” people can save desired products and receive a reminder about these items when they walk into stores that are related to the items.

Recently, a Nielsen report on mobile shopping showed that ShopKick users spent an average of 3hrs and 19 minutes with the app, which is a number that is sure to rise with the app promoting a style designed to have people flip through “store ads.”

With that in mind there are cons and pros to this new update:


  • Interface is confusing at first and takes time to get used to.
  • Requires you to flip through “ads” to get higher walk-ins.
  • May require more out of your data plan.
  • Can take long to load if you internet connection isn’t up to par according to some users on Facebook.
  • New logo doesn’t look that great.
  • Walk-Ins work but seem to take longer for app to detect (not completely verified on time yet).
  • Seems to crash on many people, though I haven’t had this issue.
  • Receive higher walk-in points to quickly flip through a stores Lookbook (Do not know how much times you can do it in a month though)
  • Can change sounds and turn it off in the app through settings.
  • The new map groups stores by shopping malls to make it easier to plan out.
  • 2,500 kicks per invited friend and all kicks that your friends earn is matched for the first month.
  • Video tutorials throughout the app.
Many people today hate change and unfortunately for ShopKick, this trend continues as there are people who hate the update and those who love it. While ShopKick believed their app will bring happiness to many, all it brought was hatred and complaints.
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