ShopKick Review

ShopKick Review


If you haven’t seen our Checkpoints review, make sure to check it out before or after reading this one. The reason why I recommend reading both reviews is so that you can decide which one you like best or if you want to use both apps. Shopkick is available for IPhone and Android phones (also works on IPod, IPad; but some features may be unavailable on these iOS devices since shopkick requires microphone and camera) and it is an app that is designed to reward users for visiting stores and interacting with the various products at the store.

As a user, all you have to do is walk in a store, open up the app and walk around until you receive a bubble welcoming you and awarding you kicks for walking in. Walkin points can range from 30-200 kicks depending on the store and scans can range from 10-100. There is also Instant surprises in the app which usually reward you +1-3 kicks or a item which would be added to your collection and when you collect every single one in the collection, you would be awarded a certain amount of kicks. Another way you can earn points in Shopkick is by referring friends. In this situation, both the referrer and referral would get 50 kicks. Please note that one negative to shopkick is that they do have limits placed on the number of walkins and scans you can do for a certain store/item per month. These limits usually very from store to store. In comparison, there is no monthly limit for Checkpoints on scanning/checking that I know of. So if you are a person who goes to stores frequently, you may want to consider using Checkpoints or both apps. These Shopkick Kicks can be redeemable for gift cards for stores like Target, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s and more. Unfortunately, they do not have Amazon gift cards like ShopKick does, which may make a difference to many consumers because Amazon is such a widely used shopping site.

One of the many things I love about Shopkick, is that during certain Holidays or whenever they feel like it, Shopkick offers rewards like x2, +10, +25, etc that help you earn even more points. These things would be scattered throughout the app, which allows you to interact with the stores special sales that are shown throughout the app as well as earn points. When you find one of these, you would be able to send these gifts to your friends and in exchange, hopefully, they would send you won back. During these holidays, Shopkick also usually boosts up the points you would get for walkins, such as times like Black Friday, which was when every store rewarded you +200 kicks for walking in the store!

In contrast to Checkpoints Mall, Shopkick has there Visa connect program where you connect your Visa credit/debit card to the app and you get points every time you spend a certain amount at one of their stores (Wet Seal, Best Buy, etc.). This can come in useful if you spend money at these stores because you would be getting some money back for something you were going to buy at the store anyways. Think about it kind of like a rebate, where you get money back to spend at certain stores.

Conflicts with the App  Up to about 2 weeks ago, Shopkick was cruising along fine and it had positive reviews. However, Shopkick soon encountered the same problems that haunted Checkpoints. Due to “cheaters that have faked their location and even scanned at home”, Shopkick had to resort to the decision to ban users and unfortunately, some were banned even though they did nothing wrong.

Name of person who posted this comment, hasn’t been shown due to concerns that we have of showing others personal info.
Harsh comments. Were these bans due to cheating or a mistake on ShopKicks part???

No way to know for sure, like Checkpoints if people have actually cheated, got banned, and are trying to get back at ShopKick for banning them. Don’t let these comments discourage you from trying out Shopkick because I have had nothing but positive ravings for my friends. Sure some people have been banned unfairly, but that should not stop you from taking advantage of this great rewards app.

About ShopKick

  • Twitter: @shopkick 11,808 followers at time of post (Checkpoints- 5,813)
  • Facebook: ShopKick 60,328 likes at time of post (Checkpoints- 73,858)
  • Founded in 2009 by Cyriac Roednig, Jeff Sellinger, Aaron Emigh.
  • Funded by Kleiner Perkins’ IFund, Greylock Partners and Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn and investor in Facebook and Zynga) and Ron Conway. So as you can see, they are backed by strong companies/people.
  • Funding: $20 million (Checkpoints gets $1 million)
  • Offices in 558 Waverly Street, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA
  • 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards
  • Main Competitors: CheckPoints, WeReward
Source: CrunchBase
Payment Proof
There would be a code in place of the “property of CeploiTips” Not all gift cards appear like this, but this is what the Sports Authority once looks like in ShopKick.


The app is just entering its difficult stage, with trying to fight off cheaters. You can still cheat, just be careful when doing it. As a result, I say give the app some slack. ShopKick is working hard towards stopping abusers of the app (which could benefit the legit users) and the fact that they get $20 million in comparison to Checkpoints $1 million, shows that they are dedicated towards providing a good app. The interface of Shopkick’s app is very friendly and easy to use and in comparison to Checkpoints, it does not crash frequently (never encountered one so far). I recommend using this app if you like to shop and walk around stores frequently. Positives about Shopkick is that its instant redemption (get prize immediately), interface is very friendly, backed by strong companies, and it is very easy to earn points. But if you are a vivid shopper, it may be best to use both Shopkick and Checkpoints because Shopkick has its limitations (probably due to the large user base).


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