Shopkick To Turn 3 On August 17th

Shopkick To Turn 3 On August 17th


This Saturday, August 17th, Shopkick is expected to turn 3. As a result, you should expect some surprises this week as well as on Saturday. The question, however, is what we should expect.

For Shopkick’s first birthday, users were able to get a offer for $10 off their entire purchase at American Eagle Outfitters as well as 200 kick walk-ins at participating stores.

In comparison, their second birthday was less epic but somewhat decent. They offered 300 kick walkins at Target along with +50 kick walk-in booster bonus sets for Old Navy, Toys “R” Us, Sports Authority, and west elm. On top of all this, there was a Big Scan Day for Oreo products (200 total).

The clue to what we should expect on Shopkick’s birthday is in this tweet, which we are not sure what it means:

@Shopkick: Our 3rd birthday is this week & it’s going to take the cake! That’s a hint. You’ll see…

This tweet alone does not appear to give out much in terms of what Shopkick is planning, but should we expect a Black Friday event the day before Shopkick’s birthday? After all, they have not had a Black Friday event since May 24, 2013 and Shopkick did have one last year in August. Although, last year the event took place a week after Shopkick’s Birthday.

Right now it is too hard to tell, what this week will entail, but lets hope its Black Friday 3 of 2013 or something along the lines of ShopKick’s first birthday!

What do you think this special week will entail?

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