The End of Superpoints

The End of Superpoints


As of November 7. 2012, access to was suspended due to both management changes and economic circumstances surrounding Superpoints, LLC. Although it is not known whether the Superpoints will be back due to the current team leaving, it is not a loss for the member who were using it. Within recent months, Superpoints has been slowly dying and the shutdown of its operations proves it.

From responses taking a long time to answer to redemptions taking months to receive. Superpoints really should have shut down sooner. I had a pending redemption for over a month, yet I received a Amazon gift card faster than the Paypal redemption I requested earlier. Consequentially, I requested a cancellation of my Paypal request, so I could redeem it for something else that may arrive quicker, but my response was never answered. I even had my account cancelled for no apparent reason and had to send 2 emails just to get it back. Even though pending redemptions will still be fulfilled as best they can, any points you had on your account will not be able to be used towards a redemption.

While Superpoints should have shut down earlier, this prompt ending is really saddening for the company and the users that have been able to succeed through it. Superpoints truly built a great rewards site, but it was just unable to continue on with the economy as it is. Let’s just hope that this is not a bad omen for other great reward sites/apps to come.


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