Viggle “Stealth” Changes

Viggle “Stealth” Changes


In the past few days, Viggle has made some changes and generally they have kept quiet about it unless asked. In fact, there were no “official” announcements made that made it aware to users. One of the changes to the app, which isn’t that bad for old users anyway, is that all new users will get only 200 points instead of the usual 1,500 points. While this may not directly affect us, it can have an effect on the referrals that join under you.

On top of this, Viggle has applied a limit on the time before you cannot receive bonuses for checked in shows. Previously you had up to a week to check-in to shows and receive your bonus, now you have until 8am EST the next day.

Many may wonder why Viggle would impose such a thing on us. Some reasons based on speculation can be because of the multiple device cheaters or because of people who use recorded audio files and not watch the show, which is opposite of what the app was created for, to reward users for shows they watch and help them find new ones.

Viggle states the move as a “business decision” but what seems like the best reason for the change is the influx of new users. With Viggle’s reward of 1,000 points for every referral during the Olympics, Viggle probably wanted to even it out by lowering the amount of points it was rewarding. This is generally why referrals are bad, more people means less opportunities to earn.

Announcement was hidden in comments. Making users unaware of changes

While it may be an unpopular decision, it is understandable for Viggle to take this direction with there being more users. However, lets hope they don’t make any more of these “business decisions” which can negatively impact our earning opportunities.


On top of all this, Viggle has also made social shares worth 0 points.

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