Viggle – Why You Should Use It

Viggle – Why You Should Use It


Grab a snack, sit down on the couch, turn on the tv and get rewards! Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that? Well lucky for you as well as all couch potatoes there is Viggle. Viggle is an app for the iPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch (Sorry Android users, nothing yet) that actually gives you points (redeemable for rewards) for watching televeision. The app determines what you are watching when you put your iOS device up to the TV and after the show ends, you are rewarded points that can be redeemed for movie tickets, music, gift cards and much more.

However, depending on how much you use this app, it may take a long time to accumulate enough points to redeem an award. The minimum amount to redeem something is 9,000 points which is equivalent to a $5 gift card in Viggle. That is about 30 hours of TV assuming every show you watch that is an hour long gives you 250 points. But don’t let this discourage you from using the app because bonus points are awarded throughout the app for watching short videos/commercials. These commercials can range from 15 secs to 2 minutes and you are usually awarded anywhere from 15 points to a 100 for watching these videos. On top of that, Viggle awards users for taking short polls in ViggleLIVE, which are tied to the live shows that you’re watching! You can also get 200 Viggle points when you invite a friend and they check in for the first time. There is a 6,000 point daily limit however for how much you can earn that resets at 12:00 AM ET.

Viggle Live
Look at the number of points! This was a ad that was on Viggle for the Oscars

Viggle can be very addicting and exciting once you get the hang of it. In fact, ever since I was introduced to it by one of my coworkers, I have been using Viggle everyday. Think of it as a little prize that you get every now and then for doing basically nothing. Sure it may take a while, but getting something is better than getting nothing at all!

Success of Viggle- Don’t be the Only One Not Using it!

  • According to Function(x), the parent company behind Viggle, it has registered over 7 million check-ins to date. In return, Viggle members have redeemed 123,000 rewards, with gift cards from Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon and Starbucks and Hollywood Movie Money proving to be the most popular.
  • According to president, Chris Stephenson: “Viggle has exceeded all of our expectations. Time spent in the app has grown from 54 to 89 minutes in one month and the level of advertiser engagement is truly extraordinary.”
  •  Ratings are overwhelmingly positive with a 4 star rating in the app store. One consumer even said “I get paid to do something I already do!” (So what are you waiting for, join everyone in using viggle!)

Payment Proof

About Viggle

  • Twitter: @Viggle
  • Facebook: Viggle
  • Parent Company is Function(x)
  • Function(x) founded in June 2010 by Robert F.X. Sillerman to develop products that encourage consumers to engage with entertainment like TV, music, and games.

Legit app that pays you to do what you already do. It may even help you find/enjoy some shows that you never thought you would ever enjoy. Viggle is a dream come true for ultimate television enthusiasts.


To receive bonus for shows, you now have until 8AM EST

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