Wrapp: Giving and Receiving Free Stuff

Wrapp: Giving and Receiving Free Stuff


Having a bad day? What about a free gift card to cheer you up a bit? Fortunately for you, with the
Wrapp app now you can exchange free gift cards, trials, and subscriptions with your besties all day and every day, until your heart’s content.

About Wrapp

  • HQ in Stockholm and Silicon Valley.
  • Co-Founders: Carl Fritjofsson, Andreas Ehn, Hjalmar Winbladh, Niklas Zennström
  • Available for the Android and iOS devices
  • Website: https://www.wrapp.com/
  • Twitter: @wrappcorp
  • Facebook: Wrappcorp
How it Works
Wrapp is basically a social gift-giving app that allows you send free or paid gift cards to your Facebook friends and family via smartphone or computer, so you can celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations, engagements, or just general, overall awesomeness. Best of all, theirs a limited number of free gift cards everyday to give away! Wrapp receives these gift cards through merchants who want to appeal directly to potential customers instead of using expensive TV ads.
To sign up, all you have to do is press the Join Wrapp button on the Wrapp Site (although you can send/receive gifts, you will be unable to redeem every gift card on the computer) or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. While you do not need to set up an account, you do have to connect the app with your Facebook account.
Once you sign up, find a friend or family member to celebrate with and select their image. Afterwards, pick the offer you want, whether it’s free or paid, write a greeting and enter payment details if you chose to buy a card for your buddy. Press the give button and you are done! You can notify them via email, Facebook or text message. When you receive a gift, all you have to do is open the app and save it to your wallet. However, they will need to install the Wrapp App to redeem the offer. Depending on the gift card, you may be able to redeem them on the Wrapp Site for online only gift cards or you may have to redeem them in person at the store, which requires a smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone, you can temporarily use a friends to redeem the offer. Depending on the person, you will be available to give different gifts. Wrapp will basically look at the person you’re thinking of, figure out their location and how valuable they are to the Wrapp partners, and display for you a number of potential gift card option.
Generally when you sign up, you will receive a couple of gifts from Wrapp. When I signed up I got a $6 H&M card, $5 Office Depot Card and a free one month subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Your results may vary depending on your location and you may receive something totally different. Some things you may be able to give for free are American Apparel, H&M, Shutterfly, Hulu, Roots, and Victoria Secret gift cards.
In addition, you can contribute to paid gift cards if you are celebrating a event and want to help pay. Friends who have received gift cards from other friends will appear in the Wrapp app or on Facebook. To join in, open the app and select the friend being celebrated, select the gift card image to view other contributors and write your own greeting as well as choose the amount you wish to give and press the contribute button. That’s it!


  1. Click on the Wallet Image.
  2. Pick the gift card you are redeeming.
  3. Choose the Use Button (Be ready to use it when you click on it, since it can only be used once! In addition, you only have 60 minutes to buy something before it expires.)
  4. Follow the instructions in the app for copying the gift-card information into the merchant’s purchase form.
  5. Once you are finished, press the Done Shopping button in the app and the card will disappear from your wallet.
In Store
  1. Open the Wrapp app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the Wallet tab, and tap on the card you wish to use.
  3. Click the Use in store button. Afterwards, the card and barcode will be displayed on the screen. It is recommended to not click on this until you are ready to pay as it will disappear after you exit from that page.
  4. Show your smartphone to the cashier, who will scan the barcode to finish the transaction.
Pros and Cons
Unlike plastic gift cards, Wrapp gift cards do expire at a specific date. To see the expiration date, just click on the wallet button in the app. In addition, once you click use, you have 60 minutes to use the offer before it expires! Another downside is that the people you gift things to, will need to install the app in order to redeem the offer. Since only gift cards for retailers that have identified the demographics of that friend as desirable are available when giving a gift, it may be disappointing to some when you give a great gift to lets say Old Navy (not really), but receive something in return for a store you would not like. You can only give a limited amount of free gift cards to any one friend. So choose wisely when giving gifts away.
The pros? Well you can receive free gift cards from your friends. Some major partners of Wrapp include Gap, H&M, Old Navy, Office Depot, Fab, Hulu, Zappos so they do not have a shortage of great retailers. In addition, you can now make someone’s day by giving them a present without spending a dime, or by helping contribute to someone’s birthday present.
Who doesn’t like free gifts/things? With over a million users and over 8 million gifts given away, Wrapp is proving itself to be a major force. However, with app like this that gives away free things, be aware that sometimes it is better to give than receive.


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